House Church Planting we believe that we must….



to Diversify 

and to Multiply



Unify – verb; an action word to make or become a single unit; unite: to unify conflicting theories; to unify a country; to unify believers into The Church. 


Diversify – verb; means doing or becoming; to make diverse, as in form or character; give variety or diversity to; variegate.; to invest in different types of (people, Ministries, other house churches, pastors, etc.); to produce different types of gifting’s in people, completing the body of Christ. 


Multiply – verb; to make many or manifold; increase the number, quantity; to propagate; to increase by procreation; to grow in number, quality; in Arithmetic. to perform the process of multiplication. Factoring exponentially; to increase in number by procreation or natural generation, Spiritually – to disciple grow up, evangelize, split off and duplicate; to ordain new leaders, pastors,and missionaries; to plant new churches.


Why Should We Plant More Churches? 

Small Groups multiply so churches should multiply Anything that is healthy and possesses life is created with an ability to reproduce and multiply. Obviously, the examples in nature are endless (Genesis 1:28). In John 17:4, Jesus said He had completed the work that the Father gave Him to do.


Church planting provides more options for the unchurched As long as there are unsaved people in our (Villages) or communities who are not being reached, there is a need for new churches. New churches provide more options for the unchurched. They are a key to outreach and generally grow better than old ones. Giving new people a chance to be involved and to grow up spiritually. 


Not all churches are supposed to be mega-churches A German church growth researcher, Christian Schwarz, reported the results of his research on church growth. He showed that statistically small churches are 16 times more effective at winning new members than mega-churches (two churches of 200) and multiplying five churches of 20 could reach 48 times more people by intimate one on one ministry and discipling, by showing new believers the Love of Christ. 


Church planting prevents church splits.

Could it be that one of the reasons that churches split is because the next generation of leaders is not released and sent out to establish its own churches? Insecure spiritual leaders frustrate developing leaders by not releasing them.


Our goals for Ministry Focuses: 

Prophecy and Prophetic Intercession Prophetic Songs and the Song of the Lord. 

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Growing in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

Growing in Intimacy with God.